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Coccydynia Is Pain You Don’t Have To Accept

Coccydynia Is Pain You Don’t Have To Accept

Lower Back Pain Needs to End – Create a Plan of Action for Pain-Free Life

Coccydynia is 5x’s more likely in women than men according to Medical Disability Guidelines.

Coccyx area pain – So what is it?

It’s the inflammation of the tailbone according to medicine.net experts. The bony area found deep between your anus and buttocks is the coccyx. If you are feeling sensitivity, tenderness or pain around your tailbone area it’s likely Coccydynia.

Hurtful Fact – The pain intensifies when you’re sitting.

What are causes of this intense lower back pain?

Most of the time it’s triggered by an accident or injury. But multiple cases are reported with no cause. Be careful to get a diagnosis because many of the symptoms are similar to sciatica, shingles and other infections, pilonidal cysts, sacroiliitis, or a broken tailbone.

Your symptoms may include pain in your tailbone and general tenderness of the area. Where sitting or leaning against the area leads to excruciating pain. Often when doctors are diagnosing this condition they examine where the pain is localized and can quite easily identify this pain. Many people want to know if Coccydynia is preventable and that depends on the scenario. If you are careful not to injure yourself you may be able to avoid this tailbone pain. But if you don’t know the trigger it’s pretty tough to prevent.

Make note people often feel pain in their butt that is caused by this condition. And pain in the butt is no laughing matter, we all know that!

The Key Factor is Taking Control of Your Pain

It’s pretty tough to heal from anything if you don’t have control of your pain. This means you need to be at least somewhat pain-free in order to heal. A relaxed body can focus on getting better. A stressed and pained body can’t.

Omega Pain Management is a clinic that offers personalized pain management so you can function without hurt. The idea is to manage your pain rapidly while looking for long-term solutions. Dr. Igor Smelyansky, M.D, manages this specialty clinic that has created a stellar reputation within the pain management specialty. Knoxville pain management uses state of the art technology to deliver a wide range of pain management options that will give you the pain-free life you deserve. It’s all about taking your Coccydynia seriously and making it better. Often people discover that working with the Omega Pain Management team uncovers treatment options they have never thought of before. Lower back pain and Coccydynia can be debilitating and interfere with your daily function. You could wind up in bed for a few days or find yourself battling daily pain that keeps you from doing all the activities you love. No more tennis, biking, skating, or hiking.

Get control of your pain today so you are back in the driver’s seat of your life. Where you get to call the shots and back pain isn’t your forced focus. Call 865-337-5137 today because you deserve health and happiness always. Believe it!