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Knee Joint Injection
Pain Management in Knoxville, TN

At Omega Pain Doctor clinic in Knoxville, knee joint injection is a common practice for reducing pain in patients with knee arthritis. This non-operative, outpatient procedure is designed to provide relief for patients with arthritis of the knee. The technique allows the physician to inject an inflammation-reducing steroid with maximum accuracy.

Knee injection procedure


The physician swabs the knee, injects a numbing medication and positions a special X-ray device called a fluoroscope.

Knee joint injection in Knoxville, TN

Injecting the Dye

To make sure the medicine injection gets to the space inside the joint, the physician first uses an injection of dye. The dye shows up on the fluoroscope image. If the dye pools in the soft tissue at the front of the knee, the physician adjusts the needle placement.

Finding the Target Area

When the dye reaches the target area – the space inside the joint – the physician is ready to inject the medication.

Injecting the Medication

The rear of the syringe is removed from the needle and a syringe filled with a local anesthetic and steroid is attached. The physician injects the medication into the joint.

End of Procedure

The local anesthetic and steroid solution in the knee joint will reduce inflammation and pain. The injection can be repeated if necessary.

Knee injections in Knoxville, TN 

Knee pain can bring terrible suffering in our daily lives, affecting mobility and quality of sleep. One of the most efficient ways to relieve this type of pain is through knee joint injections, which allow the medication to be injected directly into the inflamed joint.  

At Omega Pain Management in Knoxville, knee joint injection is a common practice for relieving inflammation and pain in the knee. After a thorough diagnosis, Dr. Igor Smelyansky, MD will provide you with a personalized treatment plan according to your symptoms.  Don’t let knee pain hold you back any longer – take the first step towards relief and recovery today by calling (865)-337-5137.